Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chicago Parking

I am sane,
I'll park my car.
And never leave the door ajar.

On the street,
I see a spot.
Sign says parking allowed is not.

Circle then,
around I go.
Hope to park before the show.

Once again,
I turn around.
Profanities now, my only sound.

Concerts done,
still I drive.
This is circle fifty-five.

I like eggs,
the number plaid.
I think I've gone a little mad.



  1. Just because you wanted a FREE spot? I think the cost would be not a lot! And, then you'd have heard, the songs- not the curse word, used their poems, not your groans.

    1. Not quite real, it's just for fun.
      Fictitious you could say. A pun.
      Not quite real, the poem I spoke.
      You might say it was a joke.

  2. very amusing, and glad it wasn't a real episode. But if it were real, after 55 circles, you are permitted to go mad. Some of us lose our minds for less provocation than that.

    1. Very true,
      just as you say.
      Next time I'll pay
      for the valet.