Monday, September 5, 2011

Milwaukee - Set 4 (General Mitchell Int'l Airport)...

A panoramic view of General Mitchell Int'l Airport.

The airports control tower.

Inside the main airport terminal are many shops and restaurants.

This is essentially a 'quick mart', selling magazines, souvenirs, candy and gum.

Another necessity when traveling, alcohol and dinner.

If you are passing through Milwaukee, this is a great place to find something to read on your flight.

When you are in Milwaukee, you can't pass up an opportunity to pick up some Harley Davidson merchandise.


  1. As a fellow photographer I'm always interested in seeing what photographers are doing I started following you on Google. I love the wide angle - panos

  2. I started following your blog. Great stuff there. I'm a real novice when it comes to photography but I'm working on it. Really enjoying the panoramic shots also, lots of fun creating them.

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    1. Thanks. Appreciate the visit. Sorry it's taken so long to respond.