Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Toys As A Writer

One of my favorite pieces in my collection is this antique Underwood Typewriter. Back before computers, this was the way stories were written. These were a hot item early in the 1900's, can you believe someone was just going to throw this away?

Once electric typewriters became more prominent, computers also began to get more economically priced. Even better, it gave writers the ability to save and backup everything they've written. This computer was a hot item in the 1980's.

New and old. From an old style typewriter to a modern day laptop computer, a writer has many tools at his disposal. If you are a writer, what do you use to get your writing done?

Three generations of writing tools. Grandpa, Father and Son.


  1. nice post -- cool pics! i do most of my writing on a laptop, although, i do write every day with a pen and paper also. i like to use a variety of bright colored, ultra fine point Sharpie pens ;-)

  2. My father (who ran the office) used the same typewriter- until the roof collapsed and he switched to a Royal.

    You may enjoy my take on these changes during my work era here...

  3. Linda - Typically I only use my laptop also. But I love collecting older writing utensils.
    Roy - I missed seeing this reply. Sorry about that. I did look at the article, so interesting. I left a comment.

  4. Groovy toys to be sure. Its clear to me the level of detail and articulation makes these very rare specimens indeed. In fact I still have my commodore 64 and the all the games Pac Man, Frogger, Motor Mania, etc. It was an age of victories and defeats.

    1. Commodore 64? Cool. But I like my Apple IIe, had many a good times with that thing. And it's hilarious for how out of date it is now. Green pixilated text based games were the best we could muster back in the day. Oregon Trail anyone?