Friday, November 26, 2010

Mexico - Evening 2

I'd like to say this set is 'Day 2' of Mexico, but believe it or not I didn't always have my camera with me and for most of this day I didn't. We spent most of the day in the water, so I wasn't bringing my camera. Besides the beach, there were various other ways to enjoy the water. In the morning we started out relaxing in the lazy river. Well, I say relaxing what I mean is trying to stay afloat of the inner-tubes without falling off. The next stop was the wave pool, followed by the swim-up bar. I'll let you guess which of the two I enjoyed more. We spent whatever remained of the day before the sun went down, on the actual beach. Closer to dinner time we left to make reservations. I decided to bring my camera with me this time.

On our way to dinner I took this evening shot of one of the pools. The other side of this, was the wave pool. Further on was the whirl-pool with water colder than the swimming pool. We figured out quickly why no one was in it.

After dinner we stopped at one of the many cocktail lounges. I had to take a picture of the bar, as a possible reference next time I redecorate the 'Sugar Shack', my basement bar. I love the lights under the bottles.

Because no one else was with us on the trip, we decided to do a shot of El Jimador for everyone not able to make it with us. That is to say we did one shot for everyone, not one shot for everyone not there.

I tried to get my sister to pose, as if she were pondering a difficult move. She ended up looking more upset over something. Of course she had nothing to be upset over, it's not like we were kidnapped or anything.

Actually, that reminds me of our trip to Playa del Carmen. Of course you'll have to wait till next time to hear that story.


  1. I'm glad you guys weren't kidnapped. I was worried about that!! - kg

    1. Glad we weren't kidnapped either. But we almost were.