Thursday, November 17, 2005

Alone? Not yet

November 17, 2005 - Thursday

Current mood: Nauseated
Karen confirmed this morning she has her own place, but since she's paid till the end of the month she's staying though she started moving things in yesterday. She wants to get the division of the kids settled, and wants half the security deposit back. I asked if I could just owe that, maybe pay back 100 a month or something she was not pleased. She said I have not paid her back any of the money I owe her. When I asked what money she says I owe her money for the kids pictures, (which she just told me about last week) and 20 bucks for gas she handed me a few weeks back. Back then I told her since she closed our account and I had no way to currently cash my check I didn't have gas money. She handed me 20 bucks and now I find out that was just a loan??? Go figure.

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Muletrain to Maggody : An Arly Hanks Mystery
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