Sunday, December 8, 1991

The Missing Link - V

You thought it was over,
under the sink.
The funny story,
'The Missing Link'

But not so fast
is the flame to the pen,
some uncontrollable thought
to do it again.

It starts in the back
of the old musty house.
The little old man
holding the mouse.

He started by saying
two weird lines.
Of how he would catch
the mice who were blind.

How he would hide
from the beast called Sled.
Observing the darkness
of the dirty pigs pen.

Of how the cymbal
was just out of reach,
as he watched Geraldo
giving a great long speech.

Listening to the story
about the great vortex.
And relating the smallness
of Sled's cortex.

It finally ended
with his billy-goat beard,
falling into the darkness
he and his two friends feared.

(Originally written 1991)

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