Tuesday, December 5, 1989

The Missing Link - III

You've read 'Missing Link I'
and 'Missing Link II',
but what about 'Missing Link III'
which describes you know who.

In case you're in doubt
as to whom I may mean,
let me give you a hint,
she will make you scream.

You still do not know.
Is that what you say?
Dummy, it's as easy as pie.
I'm referring to Kay Jay.

She is difficult to track,
as I earlier learnt.
With an ugly ol' face
which must have been burnt.

Donned in pea-green
for a reason unknown.
Perhaps she escaped
from a nuclear zone?

She once met Sled
which was a terrible mistake.
They threw each other around
and started an earthquake.

The Earth was just saved
in the middle of the fight,
when Kay Jay knocked Sled
onto a passing satellite.

Then Kay Jay was captured,
which was the tricky part.
The authorities had to use
a tranquillizer dart.

She awoke with a growl
in the nearest state pen.
But found a way out
and started all over again.

She's still on the loose.
Looking for Sled I think.
So beware of Kay Jay
She's another 'Missing Link'.

(Originally written circa 1989)

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