Friday, July 28, 1989

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And so this is the last day our family is suppose to be up at this "fun" vacation. Actually everyone wants to leave and are happy we are leaving a day early. I - well I like it here except I hate this drinking water, fun is limited, to many bugs and not any friends here. I was greatly pleased the other day when it began to rain. Also the day before my father took me to a most excellent fishing spot. Now I'm really not a fisherman but this spot was unbelievable. As soon as our lines hit the lake, we caught something. Ed, however, was getting upset because he either caught small ones or bullheads, ones we didn't want. My father hated touching bullheads, and I hated taking hooks out of fish that had swallowed hooks. At one time when we each caught something we couldn't handle we traded lines and took off the others.

One other way to pass the time here is by reading. I have of recently been engrossed in reading 'The Diary of Anne Frank.' I wasn't as interested in it before I started as I am now. Although I find it hard to say its here own words as it is translated from Dutch and problems often arise when translating word for word. Still it’s basically her words and I find for such a young girl, Anne was very clever. Sort of reminds me of Virginia. The reason being, she is clever, willing to learn, very loquacious, but very self aware and often vain. I wonder what Anne would think of Mtv?

I've drawn similarities between her Diary and my Journals. For example we both write about life and love - and what the future holds out for us. And we both feel lonely and isolated from our true love. I remember one line she stated 'A person can be lonely even if he is loved by many people, because he is still not the "one and only" to anyone.' It seems we are both attached to our writing tools, perhaps Anne for a more personal reason.

Differences? Surely. Because of her situation she isn't afraid of describing such things I feel are best left untouched, after reading her Diary you'll soon see what I mean. And unlike me she writes her entries as talking to a best friend 'Dear Kitty', and closes politely, 'Yours Anne.'

Uncanny how her title, 'Kitty', is close to my, 'Katy'. And I've also noticed how we both write as we are writing to someone. I ask questions and reason and apologize for not writing as she does. Perhaps that is all just second nature when keeping a diary. Oh well, I'll write again as soon as I get in Milwaukee, well maybe not straight away, but I will write. And I hope you don't mind my Diary comparison. There I go again, talking to someone, yet no one.
Yours, Jeff


  1. For being so young, you wrote really well. Intelligent even. It did feel as though you were talking directly to me. And I too wonder what Anne would with about MTV and other things that are popular or happening in the world today.

    1. Anne always reminded me of my friend Virginia. Virginia was obsessed with Mtv, but had many of the same characteristics as Anne.
      Thanks for stopping by to read.