Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Battle of the Bands Results - Wallflower

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Scott 
In case anyone missed the memo, one of my favourite singers of all time is Diana Krall. So I have been anxious to feature her. However, I also thought it would be devastating if I were to feature her in a battle, only to find out no one else liked her, or preferred someone else. This is the one rare occasion where I was probably more vocal from the get-go, who I was going to vote for. I hoped that would help sway other votes. I little devious? Perhaps. But then again, the battle had it's own problems. Problems? What problems? Did my sweetheart lose? Is that the problem I'm talking about? Let's find out.

In the first round, six votes were cast. However, one of the voters could not see the competition. Reluctantly they went online and found another version of the song I featured from Doug Sahm and listened to that to cast their vote. All in all, six votes for cast for Diana this round. And yet, we have a little asterisk next to one of the votes.

The second round was asterisk free, but was also not a clean and clear vote for Diana all around. One vote cast, the final one, was finally for Doug Sahm But the rest went to Diana Krall. She was now leading 10* - 1. Was it even possible for Doug Sahm to catch up at this time? The third round would likely help answer this question.

Another six votes were cast in the third round. Another six votes for Diana Krall. My babe my be winning, but this battle has not been very exciting. 16*- 1 in favour of my favourite pianist an musician.

Some may have accused me of stacking the deck for this battle, but it was not the case. Id always thought people who liked jazz, didn't care for country. And those who liked country were not big fans of jazz. So say what you will about me, I was genuine when I paired Doug Sahm with Diana Krall. I'm not a country enthusiast, so I figured this country song was as good as another. But it seemed not to be the case. Even other country fans went against their genre. Our fourth and final battle had four more voters. But again, another asterisk was placed for Diana Krall, two more full votes for Diana, and one more vote for Doug. The current tally? 19** - 2. Still having my vote, should I even bother placing it? It wouldn't really make a difference, would it? But it IS DIANA KRALL. I could NOT not vote for her. So I'm casting my vote for Diana Krall as well. (Yes Shady, we finally vote the same).
Final Total - Diana Krall 20** (18 or 19 without the asterisks) - 2. Either way, our winner is Diana Krall

Top Comments

*Debbie D. - Not sure I'm eligible to vote on this one Jeffrey. The first video isn't available in Canada and all I could find is a live version.

Holli - I love country music and Doug's version has a touch of twang to it to keep me interested. Then I listened to Diana's version. She has such a gorgeous soothing voice. It was so pretty!! My vote goes to her.

CowgirlKate - Well once again you make this ever so difficult, Jeffrey. The version by Doug Sahm appeals to my very deep rooted love of bluegrass and old country. I could listen to it all day.
Then there is the lovely miss Diana Krall (yes... We know you're completely smitten with her).... Silky smooth voice. Beautiful tonal quality. And very real emotion in her voice that any wallflower would recognize. I was ready to cast my vote after the first version. But you'll be pleased that your leading lady , Miss Krall, has stolen my vote from Mr Sahm

Janie Junebug - I'm a wallflower. Doug Sahm is too twangy for me. I vote for Diana Krall. Her voice is sweet, but a little smoky. I ran into Diana the other day while I was grocery shopping. She told me she has a crush on you and to please wait for her. She's falling in love with you.

Robin – I really like country music but Doug Sahm was actually too twangy for me (those are words I never thought would leave my mouth). I think it might be that he's so twangy I couldn't understand a thing he was saying aside from Wallflower. I call that mouthful of marbles singing. And then there was Diana. Her version was sweet and delicious and delivered in just the way every wallflower wants to hear it. So a vote for Diana please.

Alex J. Cavanaugh – If I was with friends, I was outgoing. By myself, I was in that corner as well.
Afraid I don't like country music so Diana's version wins for me.

Dixie@dcrelief – Shucks, Jeffrey, why make it so tough on a country girl? I'd rather hang out with Doug and buddies. Sounds like some true drinking music... and is that an accordion I hear? Nothing beats a squeezebox. You know I'm part Polka, right? I'm voting for Doug! Silly, shy guy!

Cherdo - Polarizing versions, I'll wager! This will separate the men from the boys from the girls from the women from the cat lovers and dog petters and ....
I vote for KRALL, brother.

Yolanda Renee - Diana Krall, so much easier to listen too. The other one had too much twang! As one wallflower speaking to another, it never does leave, does it, that awkwardness in conversation. Guess that's why I write!

Stephen T. McCarthy - I don't like a lot of Country music, but that which I do, I generally love.
Nope! Doug was too twangy for me, too.
'Nother vote for Diana Krall.

Mary Burris –I knew you would try to get your girlfriend in the battles somehow! And i'm going to stack the ballots and do my part to help her win!


Cathy Kennedy – Jeffrey, Doug is too twangy to suit me, but even if he wasn't it would be hard to out do Diana Krall. I love her vocals! Give my vote to Diana Krall, please. Have a tunetastic evening and thanks for stopping by!

A GAL NEEDS – I'm going to go with Doug Sahm because I love the bluegrass feel to it. Bluegrass is a piece of Americana and lends itself to that simpler time, before things got crazy!

Winners Circle
Congratulations to Diana Krall for winning this battle.
To all you who voted for her, enjoy my favourite video of hers.
Does anyone know where I can find this wallpaper?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and placed a vote.
Come back again for a new battle 15 September.
Who will you vote for?
What song will I choose?
Which artists will battle it out?
Stay tuned.

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Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.


  1. It's always nice when a personal favorite wins the day!

    1. True, but I was worried she might not win before I posted the battle.

  2. Hi, Jeffrey! Uncork the champagne, good buddy. You and I finally matched votes in a band battle! :) I for one do not think this contest was Diana-rigged (Diana Rigg, get it?). I am not particularly fond of country OR jazz and therefore my vote was completely unbiased. I simply asked myself which artist made me want to take a cold shower by the end of the song and it turned out to be Diana Krall. :)

    I can't wait for your next match-up, good buddy Jeffrey. Rumor has it that Diana Krall will battle William Shatner. Should be another tough choice. :)

    1. I wouldn't wager the farm on that being the next match-up. Let's just put it that way. I've got a few ideas what I want my next battle to be. But I may be boring and just pit pop star to pop star, and give myself a little rest. Oh, no. That isn't a clue. Or is it? You never know with me.

  3. It never occurred to me that you stacked the deck. I thought Diana was great.


    1. I'm glad I was not perceived to stack the deck, but happy with the results.

  4. Wait! Whoa! you forgot my quote: 'You owe me.' (Poor Doug)

    1. Selective editing. LOL
      Actually, I think it got lost in the shuffle. ;)
      But, I will keep it in mind.

  5. JEFFREY ~
    I'm glad your gal won for ya.

    I've now produced (what is it?) 52 BOTBs, I think. Only on a few occasions have I really cared who won. I know who I think is better, and that's all that matters to me. But there have been a few times when I wanted a certain performer to win. In those cases, it usually hasn't happened.

    For sure (in my opinion) Brenda Lee should have beaten Wilbert Harrison, and Rare Earth should have beaten Joe Cocker.

    Don't hate me but... yeah, I do think you sorta-kinda stacked the deck in Diana Krall's favor. Rather than putting her against another Jazz player, you put her against a Country performer - and not a mainstream Country performer but a rather underground, cult-favorite Xtreme Country singer.

    If you REALLY wanna test Diana Krall, you need to put her against some of the best in her own genre.

    I did use her in my 18th (long time ago now) BOTB installment. The song was 'Makin' Whoopee', and I put her, with Elvis Costello and Elton John, against Dr. John, with Rickie Lee Jones. The Doctor and Rickie won:


    CW Martin once said that he couldn't participate in BOTB because he couldn't handle it if a performer he loved lost to a performer he didn't particularly like. That's happened many times to me in my 50-something BOTBs, and it doesn't really bother me. That's why I always look for the best contests I can find, regardless of who I hope or fear might win.

    To be honest, when I put Dave Brubeck's 'TAKE FIVE' against the cover by Tito Puente, I was a little worried that Tito Puente might win. And I love Brubeck's band (his 'Take Five' was really what forced me to embrace Jazz - now my favorite form of music). It was a very competitive Battle, but Brubeck pulled away at the end and won 16-11. I was pleased, but it wouldn't have caused me to skip lunch and go straight to beer if Dave had lost.

    See ya on the 15th, Brother.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Fair enough, your thoughts are well received. Perhaps, as you say, I unconsciously put her ups against a lesser known artists, but it was genuine when I placed it. I was indeed worried she might lose. But I certainly wouldn't go for a beer if she lost either. I'd just try again in a few months time. As for the battle you list above, I shall indeed check it out. Thanks for offering the link. I appreciate all your thoughts. Next time I shall strive to pit genre against genre. Though I do feel a cross genre is fun to battle once in a while.

    2. Oh, nuttin' wrong with a cross-genre Battle at all. I've done that and it can be really fun and interesting. I'm only saying that in whatever type of contest I put together, I'm always striving to pit like against like: If I feel the Jazz recording is of "A" quality, then I'm looking for what I feel is an "A" quality Rock recording to put it against. If it's a "B+" Country tune, then I'm looking for a "B+" Blues, or maybe Country recording to match it up against.

      I wouldn't, for instance, pit Pink Floyd against some novelty-type performer. (And Doug Sahm has always been considered something of a novelty act, so the wipeout here was, at least to me, kinda predictable.)

      The one and only time I put together a BOTB with the intention of seeing a slaughter, I used Pete Seeger against Joanna Moore and Andy Griffith, and I got exactly the vote slaughtering I'd hoped to see.

      But there's still A LOT of ways to be creative when putting together competitive BOTB match-ups, and cross-genre contests is one of them. Male vs. Female, Instrumental Vs. Vocal, and so on.

      I enjoy yer Battles, JEFFREY. Keep up the good work, BOTB Brother!

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. I think my main problem is when it comes to country. I literally have no idea what is good, what is what, what is mainstream, what isn't. Sure, I could do a bit of research, but in this one case, I wasn't bothered.
      I thank you for your continued support and constructive comments. Much appreciated.

  6. Dixie's and Cherdo's comments made me laugh. :P

    1. Yes, I try to include the funniest or most informative comments, but for some reason this time I had a hard time passing up all the comments on how great Diana Krall is.

  7. Jeffrey, I thought the country vs. jazz was a nice twist. I'm on a roll picking winners across the board so far, but I haven't made all of my rounds yet. So, glad your favorite artist won!

    1. I love having a winning streak. I don't know if everyone else plays that way, but I do.

  8. I remember the name Diana Krall from when I worked at the Arts Commission a while back. I think we had a CD around the office. That was the 90s, so it would have been early in her career.

    1. Her earliest CD's came out in '93, but she didn't really start hitting her stride till the mid 90's. I discovered her in '97 when her 'Love Scenes' CD came out.
      I wonder what ever happened to that CD. LOL

  9. I think maybe the battle was a little stacked ;) but I'm glad your lady won. Her voice was much sweeter :)

    1. Maybe a little. But it wasn't 100% deliberate. Not being a country fan, I was unaware her rival would not be to the liking of most country fans.

  10. I can't see this Battle having any other turn out than the way it turned out here.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I shall endeavour to have a more competitive battle tomorrow.
      As this is my girl, I am not concerned it was a blow out. ;)