Sunday, November 24, 2013

People Who Have No Sense of Humour

R.a.n.t. of week 11/24/13
Knock Knock
Who's There?
No one, this is the internet, not a house.

Okay, that was dumb. That was truly stupid. But there are two types of people who just read that. The first type are the ones who rolled their eyes. The second type just scratched their head and said, 'huh'? Either they truly don't understand it, (see blonde joke below), or they understand it, but don't see why it's funny. Let's try another one.

It's going to be a dirty joke this time, so skip ahead if you don't like dirty jokes.
Q: What did the pig listen to while sitting in the pigsty?
A: A ham radio.
Again, that really was dumb. But it's proving my point. Either you rolled your eyes or simply failed to find why it was funny. Especially trying to figure out why I said it was a dirty joke. Which, to be honest, was the real joke. [Dirty = Pigsty]

I have a friend who needs me to explain every time I tell a joke, why it's funny. **cough, Jenni, cough**
"Why was that a dirty joke? You didn't use any bad words, it wasn't vulgar, I don't get it."
Sometimes I think my friend is a Vulcan. "Humour, it is a difficult concept." - Saavik.

Admittedly, I probably joke around too much. Usually it's to aggravate someone after they've made a typo or a funny sounding post. I certainly think I'm being funny, not sure about anyone else.
P.S. - "Why does everything at Starbucks take the same"
Me - "Take the same what???"
P.S. - "Kayra's going to drive through Indiana."
Me - "I didn't know Indiana had a drive-thru."
Usually I'll get a response similar to: "You know what I meant". Of course I know what they meant, but didn't think commenting on what they actually meant would have been funny.

"Any joke that needs explaining, isn't a funny joke." That may be true, but there are a few people who just don't get the joke, either because they are too literal or have no sense of humour. Here's a blonde joke I tell frequently that gets a lot of laughs.
A blonde is putting together a puzzle when she finally gets frustrated and calls her father.
Blonde "Dad, I need help, I can't even match the corners."
Dad "What's the puzzle? What's the picture on the box?"
Blonde "It's a picture of a tiger."
Dad "Okay I"ll be right there."
Upon walking into the room, he takes one look at the puzzle and says,
Dad "I have two things to say to you. One, this isn't a puzzle. Two, let me help you put those frosted flakes back in the box."

I've told this joke a few times and usually people laugh, but I've had a few people wonder, "Why was she trying to put together a box of cereal?" Because she's blonde. The joke really isn't that hard to figure out, and you must admit, you must have laughed, even a little (or chuckled, giggled or snorted). Or maybe you just have no sense of humour.

Speaking of being blonde, join me next week when I discuss 'When Technology Makes us Dumberer."

Tune in next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.
P.S. - "In case anyone thinks I've forgotten, here is the line I told you I was going to write last week."

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