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CD Review: Martha Berner - "Fools Fantasy"

It's a rare treat to actually see one of my musical idols live. It's quite another thing to actually be introduced to, chat with and shake the hand of a musical talent before I even realize they will be a new idol of mine. Thus can be said of Martha Berner. You may have noticed a photography set I did a few months ago when I was invited by a friend to watch the taping of 'Brew City Bands', a cable access program dedicated to local bands. On this occasion, Martha Berner was in house.

What I didn't know at the time, was how much I was going to fall in love with her music. From the word go, I was entranced. But I digress, I'm supposed to be doing a CD review. To be fair, I'm actually setting up why I came to enjoy the CD so much and how I acquired it.

As I worked on my photo shoot I listened intently to each song, and grew to love the music more and more. Once the taping was done, there was an interview session where I got to learn a bit more about Martha. It was a great day, with great music, and I acquired a great new CD to enjoy. Martha is truly a Local Idol, and I didn't have to listen to Simon Cowell prattle on to find her.

Matha Berner & The Significant Others

Fools Fantasy

"Fools Fantasy" is the title track of the CD and immediately demands your attention with it's first few notes. What starts off with a somber cello solo soon picks up with Martha singing, soon to be joined in with the rest of the band. A great start to the CD, and a personal favorite of mine.

The song "All The Rockstars" starts a little different. This time Martha starts the song off, with her voice which draws you right in. Of course the rest of the band join in and you are treated to one fantastic song. The ending always tricks me though, as I tend to think the song has ended and another one starting. You'll understand what I mean when you listen to the CD. Because you WILL right?

Another favorite song of mine is, "Where Does The Day Go?" Not only do I ask the very same question several times a week, I also look for the answer to 'Where does the love go. When you throw it away?' A question addressed in the song. The ending of the song is just as interesting as anything else on the album. A very short pause, continues slowly, then quickly picks up pace. It's fantastic and I love it.

I don't need 'Fools Fantasy' to tell me how much 'People Are Crazy', but it's nice to hear someone else agreeing with me. The song of this title is another great musical piece. I've found it to be a real toe tapper, and a delight to listen to.

Another thing I love about this album, all the great musical instruments used. It's not your standard - guitar, drums, singer, type of music. It's all very original and thought provoking. Most songs have something very unique and interesting about them. I certain my review hardly does justice to this great piece of art.

Essentially, What I'm trying to say is I love this CD! I could continue praising each song, but what would be the point? You need to experience this for yourself!

1.) Fools Fantasy
2. Brave
3. Cry
4. All The Rockstars
5. Some Stay A While
6. Where Does The Day Go
7. Adore Me II
8. Wolves
9. Irene
10. People Are Crazy
11. Never Talked To Oz
12. Burning Candles

Where You Can Find Martha

Martha Berner & The Significant Others - Website

Facebook Page

Youtube Channel

For additional photos, check out the pictures from her performance on Brew City Bands.
*photos courtesy of Jeffrey Scott Photography

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