Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mexico - Day 4

With all our bags packed, we had the morning to do last minute shopping and visiting a few places we failed to take pictures at. This was the view immediately outside our room.

At the entrance of the shopping center was familiar face, Speedy Gonzales. Not exactly sure why he was there but I have a few friends who'll be interested in him.

I don't generally spend a lot of time taking pictures of corridors, but I'm not likely to return any time soon and I did find this somewhat interesting.

The night before we went to a dance club with a Star Wars theme. The bar her reminded me somewhat of the cantina bar in Star Wars. There were other items strewn about; a Millennium Falcon, life size Yoda and a few more Stormtroopers.

This time it was my decision to take a picture of the local flora. I've always thought it was a bit artsy to take flowers pictures, so it explains this shot.

There are many sculptures and statutes strewn about the place. One was this gigantic harp. My sister is posing, as if she's playing. Looks pretty convincing to me.

This is a daytime shot of one of the local places we frequented at night for drinks. Depending on the day and time, all the chairs could be filled with guests ordering drinks, associating, meeting new friends, or just checking email with the free wifi provided.

A closer shot of the actual 'bar' area. Yea, I know - another shot of the alcohol. For the most part we ordered our drinks here instead of waiting for someone to take our order. This was where my sister ran into some old friends.

As we said our goodbyes to the many people and places we knew, some of the local wildlife also came to bid us adieu.

As stated before, there was lots of 'atmosphere' via statues and such. This was one prime example. Loved the looks of it, but it seemed it was supposed to be trickling water. I never saw that the entire time I was there.

This wasn't the courtyard of our set of rooms, but it was interesting enough for me to capture it on 'film'.

All good things must come to an end, as did this trip. It was now time for us to make it through the jungle to the clearing where our airplane waited for us. Time to make one last use of the machete I purchased for protection.

Here we are on our way home, as taken from the plane (obviously). I believe if you look close enough you can see the locals waiving goodbye.


  1. Loved your pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoyed sampling Mexico through your photos - liked the corridor- the colours and perspective.