Wednesday, December 5, 1990

The Missing Link - IV

Yes, of dear old days
long forgotten,
comes the story
of breath so rotten.

The Missing Link story
is not quite done.
Here's another way
to have some fun.

We now must talk
of his buckle lovin' friend,
the 'Olive Green Boy'
he will surely offend.

I once met him and
couldn't help but to grin.
He then knocked me down
with his big ol' chin.

Olive Green's chin
defies the laws of physics.
How do you suppose
he gets all of his kicks?

His chin opens up
for all sorts of equipment.
From a drill to a fork
who cares if it's bent?

Inside his long chin
is a most scary sight,
grab your sunglasses
if it gets too bright.

He's more powerful than
fortified men in a tower.
Oh my gosh!
What great power!

An additional assault;
yes, there is one thing more.
A dangerous weapon,
which isn't his snore.

A multi-use tie
when he's on the loose.
A pop-tent, hang-glider,
even a noose.

He's the Olive Green boy,
a victim of Sled.
Don't think you can save him,
he's already dead.

One final thought
don't make fun of his lies,
'cause you'll likely be smothered
in all of his ties.

(Originally written circa 1990)
Co-Written by Tony V.