Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jeffrey Scott's - Best of the Blog - 2014

Good news and bad news this year. Then more bad news followed by mediocre news. Then there is... Oh never mind, let me just get to the point. Last year I challenged myself to have at least something produced in each category; r.a.n.t., poetry and photography. I gave it a good try for a few months, but soon found it to be quite the challenge. My blogging was so much of a challenge in fact, that for a few months the only entries offered were from a few guest bloggers. So I not only failed in my goal for the year but I almost allowed my blog to come to an end. But the good news is I didn't. Since my blog hiatus, I have strived to do what I do best, r.a.n.t. away. But I did do something different this year, I started to summarize each week with a poem. Like always, there are some I absolutely love, and others I totally despise. So which ones do I enjoy? And what is the best way for me to let you in on which I feel are the best and most entertaining blog entries for the past year? You guessed it, I've selected what I feel are the Best of the Blog of 2014. If you find a topic that interests you, just click the link and read away. I'll be very interested to hear what you think of it.

And, as always, leave a comment, share on your social media page, "like" it or just email me with your thoughts. I'm always looking for input, always looking for people who are willing to guest blog and always willing to post run on sentences. Thanks for reading. I truly hope you enjoy what you find here.

Fun With Colours - Experimented with photographing colours.
Accidental Wrap - I hate when I spill my coffee.
Chit Chat - I find it hard to "Chit-Chat"
Guest Blogger
(Professor Sanee) No Go Greyhound - Sanee describes a horrible experience on the bus. Awful and humorous at the same time.

Ground-hog Day Filming Location - Woodstock Illinois
Super Bowl 48 Review - More precisely, commercial review.
Guest Blogger
(Jenni Long) Making Plans - Tips on being a responsible guest.

Madness in March - I try my hand at guessing who will win March Madness. SPOILER ALERT! - I don't do very well.
The Eternal Winter - What I hate and love about Winter.

Holding Hands - A poem I wrote for my dad.
Super Man - What I would do if I were super.
National Poetry Month - A month of increased poetry activity inspired this.
Pitaya - Have you ever tried this odd fruit?
Humming Bird - One of my favourite photos couple with a poem about my favourite bird.
Showing Appreciation - How and when should one thank another? Find out here.
Have You Turned it Off & On Again? - It's always fun when you are having computer problems.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Go to the game, bring your wallet.

Guest Bloggers
(Charles Winthrop) A Thing of Beauty - Part 140 - What is beauty? Is it the same as value?

Guest Bloggers
(Professor Sanee) The Impossible Girl - What does it mean for something to be 'impossible'?

Guest Bloggers
(Jenni Long) Stop Being Insecure - Jenni answers reader questions ala Dear Abby

The Fool - Who thinks they are special? Only the fool.
Random Rants II - For once, I let many random people rant away. I follow up with my own replies.

Spider - I wrote this after I saw a spider in my bathroom.
Getting Lost - I'm always frustrated when I get lost.
Guest Bloggers
(Charles Winthorp) The American Radio - Part 41 - Charles shares his notes of songs currently playing on the radio.

Socks on Fox - A Dr. Suess inspired poem.
Where Do the Socks Go? - Really, where do they go?

Stay - Do you like to roam or stay put?
Winters Door - Please close the door. Especially in Winter.
Open Door Policy - My solutions to help others remember to close doors in Winter.

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7.) 42 - R.a.n.t. - Where Do the Socks Go? - 11/16/14
8.) 41 - Poem - Spider - 10/02/14
9.) 40 - R.a.n.t. - Shiny Happy People - 12/07/14
10.) 38 - R.a.n.t. - Abandoned - 11/02/14

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I'm somebody!
And so are you.
Why worry and fret,
and seek others to please?

Like the kids on the corner,
sunglasses askew,
they want to impress friends,
but mostly themselves.

If they could see how funny
they look in my eyes.
Would they care?
Would they dare?

A terrible fright
somebody becomes.
Worrying about others,
but nobody cares.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

cOOl kids

R.a.n.t. of week 12/28/14
I remember back in high school of how much I longed to fit in and be one of the cool kids. No, I never did become a cool kid. I never had the latest trends in clothes, didn't own a pair of sunglasses, wasn't even 'hip' or in touch with the awesome 'hits' on the radio. But that didn't stop me from wanting to be one of the cool kids. One of the ones who it seemed everyone looked up to. One of the ones everyone was talking about in a positive light and were perhaps an inspiration to others. Or the one others wanted to follow. But no; that was never me. I never walked the straight line they did, my heart fell behind their heartbeat. The cool kids were always invincible, and I was always in the background. They were living the good life and couldn't see what I was going through. You might say they were driving the fast cars in the fast lane.

But I'm older now and things change when you are older. Don't they? When a person gets older, they never care too much about fitting in or being one of the "cool kids" any more. And yet, life seems to find a parallel for us. No matter how old we get, there is always something we aspire more for. It's ingrained in our system. Without the need to improve or hope for something better, we fail to try and improve ourselves. So we need to ignore those 'cool kids' and concentrate on improving ourselves. Not worrying about others. Reminds me of a poem from Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -- don't tell!
They'd banish -- you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one's name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

But I mislead you before. There are some grown-ups who still long to be the cool kids. They form their little 'cliques' and include or exclude people into their social functions based on whether others are 'cool' or not. It's annoying because it causes divisions and feelings of resentment. Not from me, mind you. I'm nobody and happy to be that way. It would be dreary to be 'somebody' as Emily would tell me. Perhaps one day, the 'cool kids' will come to realize they are not as cool as they thought they were. Will they strive to better themselves? We shall see. Ribbet!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
For the record: Resident music lover and part time blog contributor, Charles Winthrop, has requested I update my blog entry to point out a portion of the r.a.n.t. above contains remarks plagerised from the song "Cool Kids" performed by Echosmith.(As if you couldn't tell from the blog photo or title).

Charles Winthrop is a Washington
state writer & D.J. His interests
include music (both modern and
classical) and is a fine art connoisseur.
His articles have appeared in various
magazines including, 'Art Beautiful',
'Music of the Renaissance', and 'The Walla Walla Whistler'.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Spock, I Am

On a planet far away.
Lives a race so very rare.
They neither laugh in sheer delight,
nor other moods of great despair.

The Vulcan Spock was very keen.
He daily had to fight the urge.
Emotions what he felt inside.
'Twas this he strived so hard to purge.

Half human was he, did you know?
So meditation was the key.
Don't debate how emotions are a prize.
'Cause logically he'd disagree.

Vulcans thought a purge was best.
For their history, a violent time.
Anger, madness, gloomy moods,
soon became a planet crime.

Happiness was also gone,
and other feelings bringing joy.
Emotionless they proved to be,
which thusly angered Doc McCoy.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spock, I Am Not

R.a.n.t. of week 12/21/14
Years ago, (let's say over 25) I was dealing with some traumatic things in my life. As the daft, emotionally, awkward teen I was at the time, I rarely allowed my emotions to surface. Or to be more precise. I never placed them on display. I would hold everything in. Unlike Spock, it wasn't really intentional, it was just something I did. I hadn't really noticed till one day my brother was upset with me for not being more emotionally distraught about what we were going through. I remembered him yelling at me, "You're Spock!" as though it were an insult of ultimate shame. I always find it somewhat funny. Though to be honest, I don't recall laughing about it at the time. I most likely held that in as well.

It was probably about the same time I made the concious decision not to write poetry. I considered it too "girly" and saw no point to it. As I recall, any of the poetry I wrote at that time was forced upon me through school courses. One of the first poems I wrote (if not the first) turned out to be a favourite of several people, though I never truly liked it. You can find that poem in my collection on this site. It's found HERE. To this day, I'm still unsure how I feel about it.

I was the same for many years, but as time goes on, one changes. For instance, I'm more in touch with my emotions and I proudly put them on display. I embrace each emotion and not ashamed of any. If I'm happy and I know it..... Why did I suddenly start singing? If I'm happy, I show it. If I'm sad, I show it. If you don't like it, too bad, I can't help that. But I also do poetry now too. I've found it to be expressive and beautiful or depressing and thoughtful. At times you can do more in a few lines of poetry than you can in a few paragraphs of prose. Poetry can be de-constructed and interpreted different ways. And that's partially why I'm not afraid of my emotions and will display them, I'm not worried about how others perceive me. Sure, some may see me in my gloomy moods and think that's all that Jeffrey Scott is, but how wrong they would be. As most of my readers here know, I'm also a very funny person and do much to express that as well. Whatever the mood, that's who Jeffrey Scott is, but it's never all-inclusive. Each mood is just a portion of the package. We are all happy, sad, gloomy, grumpy, excited, pensive, excited, stressed, courageous, amused, fearful or surprised from time to time. I have found a way to embrace each emotion and use each emotion. If I'm sad, I'll keep myself sad and use it. I'll write poetry, or just explore the emotion as much as I can. Others, like Spock, will just hold it in, angry at others for not feeling how they want them to feel.

Also, I am not:

I may seem distant at times, but I'm not unfamiliar with having fun. I have a large assortment of games at home; be them video, card or board games. You can always find something fun to do at my house.

I may not seem very adventuresome at times, but I'm always willing to try something new. Like travelling alone overseas. I just love doing that now. I'm also not afraid of trying new foods, even if I know I won't like it. And trust me, I've been served some really odd things.

Humour may be a difficult concept, but I simply adore it. Love to have fun and play humorous tricks on people. Also like throwing in a few "Easter Eggs", even if for my own enjoyment.

I'm a big fan of 80's music as everyone knows. But it's not the only lyrical muse capable of captivating and inspiring my heart and soul. Jazz, classical, modern top 40, pop, rock, local, the list could go on.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter's Door

An open door
in Winter is,
annoying as
a math pop-quiz.

Keep the door closed
if you can.
At least for me
that is the plan.

I do not like
a chilly breeze.
So help me out now
if you please.

You'll find for me
it's not okay.
To wait out Winter
in dismay.

If you need a lesson
I will teach.
Don't be surprised
if it's a speech.

I resist the urge
for me to hire.
A doorman's not
what I require.

Perhaps it's time
for me to weld,
the door secured...
I am compelled.

Office can through
a window stroll,
while neighbour upstairs
slides down a pole.

Or ask my grandma
to sit and stare,
and tsk those daft,
who boldly dare

to leave the door
open, so taboo.
Annoying as a
monkey throwing poo.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Open Door Policy

R.a.n.t. of week 12/14/14
Here's an interesting little fact. When the front door is open in the Midwestern states during winter, cold air blows in. Did you know that? Apparently it's news to some people, primarily others in the same apartment as me. The problem is, one of the tenants lives upstairs and away from the back door and the rest of the uninformed people work for the business which also uses the same door. Additionally, the outside door is next to my kitchen door and when the outside door is left open cold air rushes into my kitchen under the door.

Suggestions on how to resolve the situation are simple enough.
1.) Ignore the problem. It'll go away in about four months.
2.) Move
3.) Approach each person and instruct them on how to close a door.
4.) Every time someone enters or leaves, open my apartment door and slam the outside door loudly.
5.) Put up a sign that reads, 'This door does not close itself. I've asked it to do so many times, but it refuses. Can you assist?"
6.) Hire a doorman
7.) Administer electro-shock therapy to those unable to figure out how to close a door.
8.) Ever time someone successfully closes the door, walk out and pat them on the head, telling them what a good boy they are (or girl) and how proud I am of them.
9.) Weld the door shut. I can use my front door. The office can use a window. Upstairs tenant can slide down a pole like Batman used to do.
10.) Pay an older lady to sit by the door and tsk people who leave the door open. She will reply with. "No, don't worry about me. I LIKE the door open blowing cold air on my feet."
11.) Train a monkey to sit on the steps and throw poo at anyone who does not close the door.

Did I miss any?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dreary Gloomy People

Dreary, gloomy, people crying.
Hiding in the house.
Laying on the ground.

Dreary, gloomy, people trying.
Sitting in the dark.
A whimper is their sound.

Woe is me,
dreary as can be.
Gloom is all,
that I can see.

Dreary, gloomy people crying...
crying in cupped hands.
Another day,
another scar.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shiny Happy People

R.a.n.t. of week 12/07/14
One of the worst things a person can deal with is depression. Wait, no. I take that back. There is one thing worse than being depressed. It's when you are depressed and Guy Smiley is standing there telling you things are not 'as bad as all that'. It's annoying enough to be depressed, but when someone tells you to 'buck up' or 'look on the bright side of life' it's as if they are telling you, 'you are not trying to be happy', 'it's your own fault you are not happy' or 'maybe if you tried a little harder you'd be happy'. Even if their comment is well intended, the depressed person can take it that way. It's a real struggle to NOT feel that way. Additionally, we each deal with things in different ways. One person may deal with depression better than another, but that same person may be more prone to freaking out when seeing a bug crawl across the kitchen floor. The worse part really isn't that they are telling us to feel a certain way. I mean the depressed person doesn't always want to feel depressed. Who doesn't want to feel happy? But when a shiny happy person is standing over you, and you feel the world is caving in, it can be a bit much. Here you are thinking about something sad and someone walks up with bright smile on their face. "Hey, buck up! Put a smile on your face!" In a way, this sort of thing happens to me at work when I answer the phone. I'll be depressed about something in particular and when someone calls they ask, "How you doing?" Just annoying.

So in protest, I've decided to rewrite the lyrics to the R.E.M. song 'Shiny Happy People'. I hope Charles Winthrop doesn't find out. He hates Weird Al, and he hates it even more when I 'destroy' a song. Hmmm, wonder if this would depress him. "Cheer up!" I'll tell him, as I stroll away whistling.

Dreary Gloomy People

♫ Dreary Gloomy People Crying ♪

♫ Hiding in the house... gloomy... people.
Laying on the ground... crying... trying.
Hear that whimper sound? Dreary.. Woe is me. ♪

♫ Dreary, Gloomy, People in cupped hands.
Dreary, Gloomy People in cupped hands.
Dreary, Gloomy People Crying. ♪

Okay, that's enough, I've made my point. I know most won't fully understand this rant. So be it, I'm not bothered. It's just something I have to deal with from time to time. So for those that have no idea what it's like, enjoy the music videos below. And remember, if you're crying, you're not trying (to be happy). Or so I've been told.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Spice Store

I had a chip,
how it was bland.
Slightly better,
than munching sand.

Was boring as,
a plate of rice.
I greatly need
some special spice.

Now my palate,
I'll put at ease.
by switching to,
Doritos cheese.

Or sample curry
if I was dared
Is this too much,
should I be scared?

I may have said
this all before.
Doritos needs
their own spice store.


Monday, December 1, 2014


Never wander,
never roam.
Always sticking close to home.

Do not leave,
and do not quit.
Like a good dog, sit, sit, sit.

How I love stability,
though a fanciful little dream.
I've had enough reality.
That's enough! I want to scream.

Time to settle,
I implore.
You do not like it? There's the door.

Off you wander,
off you roam.
always seek a better home.