Thursday, June 19, 2008

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4 Out of 5 Good Days - Day One

Again, I've let a few days pile up I wanted to tell you about. I believe last time we talked on the phone I told you of the upcoming graduation party for Jamie. Well that was back on May 31st. The day actually started after I dropped the boys off at their mothers work. I went into the mall to look around and eventually found my way into the book-store. I picked up a writing magazine and a YA book of a similar genre of what I'm writing. I then headed over to the park where Jamie's party was. I brought along my magazine to read just in case there were times when I would be by myself as I seriously predicted. As it turned out, I had someone sitting at the same table with me for just about the entire night. I talked with Little Dan and Nathan to some great lengths. Craig also came over for awhile. Instead of taking off fairly early as I thought, I stayed till the very end and helped pack up a bit. Craig then invited all that were left over to his house. I played darts with Allen, Jade and Craig but Craig was the real competition. Just as it looked like he was going to win, I came from behind to win the game. After that we played Trivial Pursuit. I was on the same team with Craig and Ellen. We battled Allen, Jade, Jamie, Blaine and Greg. It was getting late so we didn't quite finish the game, but we were ahead and won a final piece to win the game. It was a great day overall.

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