Friday, May 30, 2008

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Memorial Day Weekend

It's been so busy lately, and June is only going to get busier. So before I start running out of more time, and the past week gets buried in other things that have taken place, I'll relate this past weekend.

Saturday morning the boys and I were up early, heading out for morning service before our study. We went out early morning with Little Dan, Jake and Jeff. The group was kind of full so Tristan opted to work with Tony and his group. After we were done with service and study, we packed the car and headed to Fort Atkinson. We got a chance to visit with Melissa and Pat for the evening. We were planning on going to the drive-in but only one movie really looked good, so we amended plans for just going to see Iron Man. As the night drew on though, I asked the kids what they would rather do, go to the movie or swim. They wanted to go swimming so we headed back to the hotel so they could swim for awhile.

In the morning, we made meeting and took Pat and John out for lunch. I didn't want to stick around too much because I was getting tired and we had plans to go over to my sisters for a cook-out. We lounged about at home for a bit (once we got home) but left for Chris' as 4:30 rolled around. It was a real good evening, and we got a chance to talk about Ed. Last I heard he was in prison for not paying a judgment and skipping out on visiting his parole officer. Will he ever learn? I wish. Despite being very tired, I stayed longer than most everyone else.

On Monday I didn't go to work as it was memorial day. For the most part, I was going to lounge about but was seriously getting tired of the disgusting shades in the living room. Two didn't work, and the big one was really getting shoddy. So I went and picked up some blinds, and started to install them. I was having problems, but when Brandon and Rachael came home, they stopped in for a visit and Brandon helped me put the rest up. It looks much nicer in there now and I'll probably go out and buy some decent looking curtains to hang as well. I like to have it dark for movies and such.

That's pretty much everything that's been going on, but I did finally take my boys to see Iron Man on Wednesday. We all loved it, one of the best Super Hero movies I've ever seen. it was really that good.

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