Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Just the guys

Hope things have been going well for you Tegan. Not much going on around here but tonight was kind of interesting so I figured I'd send a letter along to you and describe it. As always, your last letter to me was just as entertaining as always, looking forward to hearing more from you.

Tonight, those of us involved in little Dan's wedding got together for some dinner, beer and coffee to go over a few things. Everyone included was Josh, Andy, Mikael, Jake and Big Dan. The first three are in the actual wedding party, Jake and I are ushers and Dan is going to be the director of the feast (whatever that might be). Dan's mother prepared dinner for us and consisted of chicken friend steak, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and even strawberry shortcake for dessert. We pretty much ate, talked and drank beer outside. Mikael left first, followed about a half an hour later by Dan and Josh. For a short while we stayed outside till it got cold, then little Dan, Jake, Andy and I went downstairs to chat a bit more where it was warmer. Overall it was a very fun evening. Don't take offense Tegan, but sometimes it's great to just get together with the guys.

I ran into Terry at Highland Park Pies and Cafe yesterday morning. I've been going there early in the morning to reread all my old Writers Block stories in the hopes of rewriting them, either to get published or at the very least to get them onto the computer. Just about all of them are on hard copies and at times can be difficult to read. I'd like to get them into the computer so it will be easier to work on them. Not sure where that is going, but it's something I'd like to finish. While talking with Terry I ended up mentioning how there is so much I have not done that I've always wanted to do. Never got published, never learned a musical instrument, never traveled, I'm sure I could think of more if I thought hard enough. I was really starting to get depressed and upset about it, then remembered there is something I have been able to do. I put my mind to loosing weight two years ago, and I'm less than five pounds away from my goal. That is something I have done, and I should be proud of it. However, I have to admit. I'd love to do a bit more traveling, get something published, learn a new language or a musical instrument. I guess the biggest thing I've always wanted is to get published, so I'm going to try and do as much as I possibly can to get something published. An article, a book, something, anything. As for travel, perhaps I should work on getting my passport so I can make serious plans to visit places outside the U.S. Yes Tegan, there is every possibility I may come to visit you some day. I guess I have to take all this one step at a time.

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