Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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I had an interesting past week. With my sister on holiday in Cancun, I was asked to house/child sit while her and Tony were gone. Starting on Sunday I spent the week making sure Jordan was in at a reasonable hour and Victoria going to bed at a reasonable hour. Thursday evening Jordan and I were able to watch Lost together. That show is really getting interesting, how can a show ask more questions than answer? It seems to find a way.

This past Saturday they got back and oddly enough it was Survivor finale. Survivor final always seems to come before I even realize it. I would do a write up about it, but was just disappointed in Parvati winning. I thought Amanda had the game. Up till that point, I figured out exactly what the pecking order was going to be. So the kids and I stopped over by Chris' briefly to pick up some t-shirts they picked up for us in Cancun then stayed for the first part of Survivor. I still have the reunion part to watch. I hope I don't forget and delete Survivor from my DVR.

I'm still working out at Bally's. The best days for me are Monday's after work and weekends when I don't have the kids. I was able to make it there last night and feel good because I'd really like to have a loss this week when I weigh in at Weight Watchers. I'm so close to goal, I'd like to make it as soon as possible. At the gym last night it tracked a pound off, but that scale is always different from the scale at WW just one day later. Perhaps I'll write back tomorrow to let you know how I did. Wait, let me rephrase that. If I have a remarkable weigh-in tonight I'll write back, otherwise don't expect a report.

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