Thursday, December 17, 1987

The Missing Link

From all the days past,
and all the days old.
I have a story about 'Sled',
that hasn't been told.

It begins way back,
in the ancient days.
When men kept dirty animals
just for slaves.

They made them eat mud,
they made them eat coal,
but the men weren't too smart,
it made them grow.

The animal 'Sled',
was locked in a prison.
Had fur on his back,
the colour of crimson.

Two big hands,
two dirty feet,
toxic waste grease
and bright yellow teeth.

With fungus on his nose,
he'd blow on his foes.
When 'Sled' would fight,
his eyes would glow.

In his prison cell,
he thought of an escape.
Killed a prison guard
with some masking tape.

He then went wild
in the streets of the city.
Chewing on a bone
that was old and gritty.

He met these three people,
really nice chaps.
Told him they'd take him
to a groovy little flat.

'Sled' yes, "Yes"!,
and then came the flash.
Found himself in
a room full of trash.

"I like it". Sled says
with big, wide, grin.
He found a brass cymbal
and an old bottle of gin.

"We're going now 'Sled'",
say the three little men.
"The Missing Link Experiment,
is what this has been."

"Hold on there,
you can't run.
I'm very hungry
and I like my mice well done.

"You're gonna stay here
and hunt for mice.
You'll probably get lost,
aint that nice?"

The scientists run.
'Sled' closing from behind.
The cymbal in his hand,
greased to a shine!

The End ???

(Originally written circa 1987)
Co-Written by Pat D.